- About Us

As "", the leading e-commerce platform in Germany, we bring thousands of product types to our customers in many categories. Our team, which blends the Grand Bazaar culture with technology, continues to work to best meet the needs of producers and consumers from European countries, especially Germany.

As Germany-based "Getirozaman", we act together with the development of the online shopping sector with our marketplace model that brings together tens of thousands of small and large-scale businesses, Smart Operation Centers, which are the largest in Germany and Europe, and our R&D center where we carry out technological studies that raise the bar in the sector. we do. We are signing new projects, investments and collaborations with leading organizations with an idea that prioritizes customer experience.As the Board of Directors, we continue to grow together with all our stakeholders with the principle of pioneering digital transformation towards Germany, Europe and other countries with the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Providing "GetirOzaman" digital payment solutions with an innovative perspective, Uberweisung has put into service payment tools such as Paypal. In addition, we are building a giant ecosystem that benefits all our stakeholders, especially our customers, with our service that brings the daily, weekly and monthly supermarket needs to the consumers whenever they want, and the platform service that opens the advertising platform products that provide service to the brands that have proven themselves in their field.

As a technology company; We focus on the constructive power of technology, not its destructive, and we contribute to social development, entrepreneurship and innovation with the social responsibility projects we carry out. In this sense, we offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to establish and grow their own businesses in e-commerce with the Technology Power program. "GetirOzaman" brings together businesses, brands and quality products on the platform with world markets and millions of new customers with its e-export breakthrough. In this journey we started with the German-based "GetirOzaman" brand, whose seeds were sown in 2020, we are moving forward with the goal of becoming the largest technology company in the vast geography by starting our project with the philosophy of being Europe's largest e-commerce platform in Germany and its region. In the "GetirOzaman" journey, we continue our investments and efforts without slowing down, and offer our gratitude to our customers who have supported and trusted us in this long journey.